How to achieve high-energy, high-efficiency and high-quality CNC machining of professional five-axis impeller

The impeller is a product with high precision and high processing requirements. For how to process high energy, high efficiency and high quality in five-axis CNC, the first detail should be paid attention to. Because the impeller is a product with a relatively large surface and irregular surface and the impeller is very thin, it is prone to deformation knives or shock knives during processing and the impeller has a particularly high precision requirement. The details that need to be paid attention to during machining are much more. The principle of five-axis simultaneous machining is to achieve the effect of high-speed and high-precision machining by moving five coordinates at the same time. Therefore, the five-axis simultaneous machining requires higher processing conditions of the machine tool. First, there should be no vibration near the machine tool, because if there is a large vibration, the accuracy of the 5-axis machine tool processing and the machine tool stability may be interfered, which may affect the accuracy during machining.
Therefore, first ensure that there is not much vibration near the machine tool to ensure the stability of the machine tool. When processing the position of the impeller, pay more attention to observe whether the product is normal when the machine is machined. Because the position of the impeller is very thin, you should pay attention to the program parameters during processing. Unreasonable, we must first avoid the phenomenon of the knives. In terms of spindle speed, we have to look at the length of the knives to determine the speed of the rpm. It is not possible to look at the program and take a small piece out of the processing. If not, then Change the speed until it comes out without knives. The tool is processed with a good tool to ensure the smoothness of the product. When processing, it must be taken care of to prevent deformation. When the machining accuracy tolerance is measured, it is important to look at two places: the first is the tolerance, the first is Ensure the accuracy of the product and ensure that there are no problems during use. The second is the smoothness of the product, because good-looking products can also improve the cost performance, so first of all to ensure quality and then improve efficiency. If it is a batch impeller machining, you can design several fixtures for auxiliary clamping. Because there is a fixture that can save a lot of clamping time, and then optimize the program without any problems during processing. Make changes to improve efficiency.
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