How to deal with deformation during the processing of CNC mechanical parts?

During processing of precision CNC machined parts, due to the complexity of its structure and the special materials, it will encounter various stress and deformation problems that engineers cannot predict during the processing.Engineers who focus on precision cnc machining summarize their rich experience in actual CNC machining, mainly in the following situations:1. Tubular materials will be bent and deformed when cut;2. Stress deformation occurs when the center position of the part is hollowed out by wire cutting;3. POM material deforms due to excessive cutting or processing temperature during processing;4. The customized materials have not been properly and scientifically aging treated;5. Post-processing deformation of other complicated parts due to improper process settings during processing;
In order to avoid the deformation caused by the above conditions during processing the CNC machined parts, which affects the precision of the workpiece, the engineering technicians propose the following countermeasures:1. Appropriate and scientific aging treatment for customized materials and hollow materials;2. For the processing of complex structural parts, it is necessary to consider the impact of stress between each process and set up a scientific and reasonable process flow;3. In the processing of POM and PVC materials, it is necessary to consider the particularity of the material, set an appropriate processing allowance, and use the principle of "small amount multiple times" for processing and measurement;4. The processing of curved surfaces requires the design and manufacture of good fixtures to balance and distribute the clamping force on the workpiece.
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