How to distinguish CNC machining center from CNC milling machine?

Nowadays, cnc machining centers and CNC milling machines are widely used in the mechanical processing industry. For friends or beginners who choose machine tools, how to distinguish between CNC machining centers and CNC milling machines has become a problem. In response to the question, the following rudder will reveal the mystery to everyone.
CNC milling machine and CNC machining center are composed of computer numerical control system, servo system, mechanical body and hydraulic system. When CNC milling machines are used to machine parts, manual tool change is required between each process. The biggest difference between the CNC machining center and the CNC milling machine is that the machining center has the function of automatic tool change. By installing different tools in the tool magazine, the machining tool on the spindle can be changed by the automatic tool changer in one setup.
The CNC machining center is actually evolved from the CNC milling machine. It belongs to an upgrade of the CNC milling machine. The CNC machining center has advantages over the CNC milling machine in terms of machine structure and machining accuracy. The automatic tool change is larger and the machining efficiency is improved. Products with many production processes and fast cycle requirements. More suitable for processing with CNC machining centers.The above is the similarities and differences between CNC machining centers and CNC milling machines. I hope that it will help you to distinguish them correctly. When purchasing, you should consider your own needs, and you should not blindly purchase them. You can use CNC milling machines for products that do not need frequent tool change. After all, CNC milling machines have lower cost than CNC machining centers.
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