How to distinguish stainless steel rods and titanium rods

It’s really hard to distinguish from the appearance. I will show you a very simple method. Polish it and it can be easily distinguished by sparks:

Reminder: In the video, the grinder is not equipped with a protective cover, and there may be safety hazards during use. For your own safety, please remember to install a protective device!

In fact, there are some other simple ways to distinguish stainless steel and titanium alloy:

  • 1) From the color point of view. Titanium appears dark, steel appears white.
  • 2) Soak it with nitric acid, you will find that the titanium does not react, and the stainless steel will react strongly as soon as it is put down.
  • 3) The density of titanium is 4.51, the weight is light, and the stainless steel is very heavy. It is easy to distinguish it by careful measurement. This should be the biggest difference.
  • 4) Titanium can mark gray-black marks on ceramic tiles, but stainless steel cannot mark marks.

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