How to judge the processing quality of a precision mechanical part?

Generally speaking, mechanical parts are related basic accessories of mechanical equipment, and the complete performance of mechanical equipment can be improved after assembly. Therefore, certain standards are given for the specifications and dimensional accuracy of hardware parts, and only high-quality products can be guaranteed on the basis of ensuring higher accuracy.
   Machining accuracy refers to the relevant accuracy standards proposed for the size, size and shape of the parts in the processing of mechanical parts. In the process of processing, it is necessary to continuously compare the actual parts according to the design requirements of the drawings. The smaller the error range between the two, the higher the precision of the precision parts.
   On the contrary, the larger the difference relative to the design drawing, the lower the machining accuracy of the mechanical parts. In this case, the quality of the parts produced cannot meet the relevant technical requirements of the drawings. They are non-standard parts. Such parts are strictly forbidden to be shipped to customers, so as not to participate in the assembly and affect the overall assembly of the equipment.
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