How to prevent hidden dangers in metal stamping processing?

How to prevent hidden dangers in metal stamping processing?
Precision metal stamping processing is dangerous, but it is not really that dangerous. It is safe to follow the stamping processing system and operate properly. The stamping processing is still very safe.
   During the metal stamping process, for safety reasons, pay attention to the adjusting screw of the slider and don't let it extend too long. To prevent the mold from moving, you can put a layer of paper on it during reinforcement. The rotation of the mold is a very dangerous situation. For the safety in the processing of metal stamping parts, the disassembly of the mold must wait until the machine is completely stopped before operation.
If you need to adjust and install the mold, you must first turn off the power before the action. Although it can be done without turning off the power, the risk index will be greatly increased. Therefore, for safety, you must perform the operation after the power is completely turned off and the machine is completely stopped. .
The existence of fastening screws will have a certain guarantee for the processing safety of metal stamping parts. In order to prevent this protection from becoming a hidden danger, the fastening screws must be fastened frequently to ensure that the fastening screws can function as safety guarantees. 
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