How to repair the fault of oil press

What is an oil press?

How does it work? What is its main function? It is mainly a transmission method that uses liquid pressure to transmit power and control. At present, it is widely used in spare parts processing, various professions, a variety of product finalization, edge punching, etc. It has many functions, so it has a wide range of applications. When the equipment is used, equipment failure is inevitable. Therefore, the corresponding faults should be repaired in time.

The same components on the oil press of the same type, structure and principle should be installed in the same position. The main purpose is to prove whether the replaced components work reliably. The advantages of replacement method are that the technical level of repairmen is low, and this method can also be used to make accurate diagnosis of equipment faults.

At the same time, during maintenance, it is also necessary to diagnose whether the hydraulic components of the equipment are defective with the help of simple auxiliary parts.

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