How To Use Silicone Baking Sheets And Cake Molds?

How to Use silicone Baking Sheets and Cake Molds?

Learning how to use this product is simple. It’s very similar to using metal bakeware with a few minor differences.

1.Unlike metal pans, silicone bakeware rarely needs to be greased before adding a batter. The non-stick coating combined with the oils and fats in the batter itself will ensure that the cakes, muffins, or whatever else you’re cooking can be removed from the molds easily.

2.The only time you should add extra oil to silicone products is when you’re making something where the sugar content is much higher than the fat content (a very sweet cake for example).

3.And if you’re new to these baking products and wanting confirmation that you can put silicone in the oven, it’s a yes.

Tip:  A sturdy surface underneath makes life easier and reduces the risk of burns. The pans are very flexible and moving them when they’re full of hot cakes is difficult. Try placing the silicone pans on to a metal baking sheet for stability when moving around.

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