How to Use the Cutting Machine as an Electric Motor for Cutting Stone?

As a kind of electric motor for cutting stone, the cutting machine has the advantages of small size, no restrictions on construction site, light weight, easy to carry, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is an electrician cutting line on the wall during decoration and decoration construction. One of the common tools for slots. Little friends who are not too familiar, come and tell me about it!

1. How to use the cutting machine correctly?

(1) Before operation, first check whether the power supply voltage and the rated voltage of the cutting machine are consistent, whether the switch is sensitive and effective, whether the cutting piece is intact, and the machine can be turned on after confirmation.

(2) Adjust the cutting depth. Loosen the wing nut on the depth gauge and move the platform plate up and down to tighten the wing nut at a predetermined depth to secure the platform plate.

(3) Install a cold water pipe. Loosen the wing nut of the fixed pipe clamp, connect the nylon pipe to the water pipe, and tighten the wing nut to clamp the water pipe clamp. Then connect one end of the nylon tube to the cock and the other end to the faucet with a connector. Turn on the faucet and adjust the cock to adjust the amount of water.

(4) Start the cutting machine, just press the handle switch. Release the handle switch tool to stop the rotation. To make the cutter rotate continuously, press the handle switch and then press the lock button.

(5) To align the platform plate, the front edge of the cutter platform plate should be aligned with the cutting line on the workpiece.

(6) Adjust the flow rate of the water, grasp the handle of the machine, place the bottom plate of the tool on the workpiece to be cut without contacting the cutting piece with the workpiece, and then start the machine. The standby device reaches the rated speed to move forward slowly along the surface of the workpiece. The propulsion of the implement should be kept at a basic level, the cut straight and smooth, and the forward speed is uniform. To stop the operation, wait until the cutting piece stops completely and then remove the machine to avoid damage to the saw blade. Stone cutting machines can only be used for horizontal straight cuts and cannot be cut vertically or curved.

2. What are the precautions for using a cutting machine?

(1) In most cases, the cutting machine should be operated with water. As a protective measure against electric shock, rubber gloves and rubber boots should be worn during the operation.

(2) Before the operation, the cutting piece should be carefully inspected for cracks or damage. If there is crack or damage, it should be replaced immediately. Accessories that are compatible with the tool, such as flanges, should be used.

(3) Do not damage the rotating shaft, flange (especially the mounting surface) and bolts. Damage to these parts can cause damage to the cutting piece.

(4) Hold the handle of the cutting machine while working, and do not touch the rotating part. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the cooling water from entering the motor, and the water entering the motor may cause an electric shock.

(5) It is strictly forbidden to start the cutting machine with load. Before starting, it should be confirmed that the cutting piece is not in contact with the workpiece.

(6) It is forbidden to fix the switch of the cutting machine in the “ON” position for a long time.

After reading the above content, how to use the marble cutting machine, have you learned? In the process of decoration, we need to learn more about the use of various tools, so that we will be more comfortable when using these tools.

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