How To Use The Hand Sanitizer Holder Keychain?

How To Use The Hand Sanitizer Holder Keychain?

The travel bottle used for hand sanitizer can be placed in a pocket, purse or backpack. You can also string the rope and hang it outside your bag, waist or keychain. 

This hand sanitizer holder keychain has a silicone holder, which is durable and of high quality. The PP-approved silicone liquid travel bottle is made of food-grade silicone. It is soft enough to be squeezable and leak-proof, with a more wear-resistant flip cap and a wide mouth for easy refill.

The refillable silicone hand sanitizer holder keychain is provided with different colors of silica gel to indicate different liquid filling. The travel bottle set has different colors to indicate different liquid fillings.

The screw-on leak-proof design for hand sanitizer holder keychain can prevent the travel bottle from leaking, prevent liquid leakage or overflow, and provide protection for your luggage and clothing.

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