Huawei and Xiaomi are in love and kill each other? Still sympathy?

Lei Jun said that he began to participate in the global DXOMARK mobile phone imaging evaluation in March last year. At that time, he set up a “Flag” saying that it would take 3 to 5 years to become the world’s number one in mobile phone camera technology. On November 5th, Xiaomi Group held a new product launch conference for mobile phones and watches in Beijing. Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, mentioned the competition with Huawei at the press conference.

Lei Jun said: “I think some people say that the most unforgettable hatred in the world is friends. In fact, I really don’t think so. I think having a friend like Huawei is our biggest fortune at Xiaomi, because the one who understands you best People are definitely friends, and those who love you the most are also friends. We walk hand in hand with friends and kill each other in love.”

“At that time, the world’s number one was Huawei. I casually said that it’s called “Drafting Huawei”. Of course, the word “Drafting Huawei” is very exciting. After I said it, it was widely publicized by the media friends present, and it caused a lot of attention. Misunderstanding.” Lei Jun said, “Actually, this sentence does not mean vicious competition between our Chinese companies, and business conflicts. What I want to express is that Xiaomi wants to surpass Huawei technically in the camera system that Huawei cares most about. “

“Many people often say, “Why do you want to fight each other in business? I said you were wrong. We and Huawei compete with each other, surpass each other, and grow together. Because it’s not a spring to stand alone, and the garden is full of flowers. I think China needs more excellent technology.” Enterprises. Because only by working together in this way can China’s science and technology be pushed to new heights.” Lei Jun said.

According to the information provided by Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro uses a combination of five cameras, which are 13mm focal length 20 million pixel ultra-wide-angle lens, 25mm focal length 100 million pixel main camera lens, 50mm focal length 12 million pixel classic portrait lens, and 10x hybrid optics. The zoom telephoto lens can realize the exclusive macro lens group with the closest shooting distance of 1.5cm. The starting price is 2799 yuan.

Regarding the release of the world’s first 100 million-pixel mass-produced mobile phone, the Mi CC9 Pro, Lei Jun mentioned that the Mi CC9 Pro scored 121 points in the global DXOMARK mobile phone imaging evaluation, ranking first with Huawei’s Mate 30Pro. .

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