Huawei HiSilicon employees: What kind of presence does HiSilicon have in the Chinese chip industry?

The thoughts of a Huawei HiSilicon employee:

As a HiSilicon employee, I remember that when ZTE was sanctioned by the United States last year, public opinion was one-sided, and various media criticized it. The keyboard warriors have an overwhelming sense of justice and are invincible.

But think about it, is this ZTE’s pot? If one day Huawei also falls due to US sanctions, is it also Huawei’s fault?

As the world’s fourth largest telecommunications company, ZTE has no core technology, and people with a little brain will not believe it. But many people with brains have been led astray by the media and keyboard warriors. Please think for a moment with your toes, why? Let a company compete with hundreds of cutting-edge technology companies in a superpower? How can it be possible to compete when the global division of labor is so clear today? Add WeChat amz989 to see more insider articles!

The same is true for Huawei. You want Huawei, a private company, to compete with century-old Ericsson and Nokia in communication equipment.

In the consumer business, foreign countries have to compete with a national-level Samsung Group and Apple, the world’s most valuable technology company. In China, we also have to compete with companies like Xiaomi, which are really kind and priced (as a Mi Fan Huawei employee, except for mobile phones and watches, my home is full of Xiaomi products). The expensive points sold are also called patriotism tax and IQ tax.

Even HiSilicon, a subsidiary of Huawei’s 2012 Lab, has to compete with the world’s top companies such as Qualcomm and Apple.

This is not enough. According to the keyboard man, HiSilicon does not say surpassing, at least the products cannot lag behind the world’s top N chip design companies, Broadcom, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Intel and so on.

I just want to say, I am a company with positive revenue that just started in 2014, what can I do at the same time as these international giants! at the same time! at the same time! compete? Do you know how much the Kirin chip research and development cost? !

At the beginning of Huawei’s mobile phone business, it was desperately losing money, and even Ren always wanted to sell it. Who knew that it was catching up with the financial crisis in 2008, and it didn’t sell… didn’t sell… didn’t sell… can only use the money earned from communications to subsidize mobile phones.

The same is true of HiSilicon. It was established in 2004. During the ten years from 04 to 14, it was blocked abroad and ridiculed at home. After losing money for 10 years in a row, it was only by relying on the big tree of Huawei that it barely survived. It is not an exaggeration to say that we have lost a millet in the past ten years. However, a semiconductor company that has just made a profit for four years, wants you to compete with the top US imperial companies for a century, and not one, but 33, and 33 US imperial cutting-edge companies at the same time. Do you feel realistic?

I remember that when I was a student, I went to attend an interview with Huawei. The interviewer asked me a question, what would you do if the US chips were not available to you? I was stunned at the time, I was just a student and asked me what I did wrong.

That’s right, Huawei will consider it when selecting the chip of each product. This thing does not need the US emperor. Is there any alternative? The reality is cruel, there are some things that really only the US emperors have. For example, the US Emperor xlinx, which specializes in FPGAs, has occupied the market for decades, and it is full of money. A virtuous circle, disdain for the heroes. What about Huawei? There may only be dozens of people from one department and a little bit of poor funding allocated to FPGA research and development. What can you use to compete with others?

Keyboard warriors, you are the ones who say that the Kirin can’t work, you are the ones who say that Huawei’s R&D funding comes from consumers, and you are the ones who say the patriotism tax and the IQ tax. Let me ask you, what is the biggest goal of a private enterprise?

Of course live! Make some small money where possible. This is why most companies in China are reluctant to conduct research and development, the country does not pay, and consumers do not pay, so where will the money come from for research and development? Who will pay for this loss? Friendship? I wish you died quickly. consumers? Who would buy this patriotic tax + IQ tax?

The same is true for individuals. I met an uncle a few days ago when I was crowding the bus. When I went to work, he went to collect the rent. Well, it is located in Beijing, and the house was demolished and relocated to three suites. The rent income is the same as my salary…same…same…

Well, I need a tiring job, and you just need to collect the rent at the beginning of the month. Sitting in the seat I gave up, collecting my rent, taking the pension I paid… Possessing wealth that I don’t deserve in my life. Yes, I’m just jealous.

As the only child of the only generation of China’s 5,000-year-old civilization, there are elderly people on it, and the state encourages second children. Hehe, with a second child, I just want to live on my own, and I just want to get a down payment on a house in a place like Huawei before my energy is overdrawn.

Isn’t this the epitome of Huawei? A private enterprise, the biggest goal is to survive. We are strong and have worked hard to survive. We are also vulnerable, like an ant in the face of a world superpower. It’s too easy to kill a private enterprise by relying on the power of the state to lose the face of the most powerful person in the world, isn’t it?

As I get older, I always love bricks in my eyes. Especially when I received Mr. He’s email, I felt really uncomfortable. We have made so much effort, spending hundreds of billions of dollars in research and development every year, just to survive. Those Plan Bs are the hard work of how many people, how many years of forbearance, and the only result in exchange is that they can barely survive.

How many people can understand our efforts? When HiSilicon’s first-generation product was launched, it almost destroyed Huawei’s mobile phone business.

Hundreds of billions of losses have finally been exchanged for HiSilicon’s 980. When it was finally able to stand side by side with Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple and other SOCs, it was crazy because of the products it carried. Indeed, Kirin is not as good as Xiaolong and Apple in some aspects. But at least it is the only high-end chip in China that has no generation difference. Not to mention that the bar is not as good as the A11, that kind of thing that does not have a baseband is not necessarily better than the 980 experience, because it sacrifices signal and battery life.

Speaking of the two terminals that the 980 carries, mate20 and p30. Because of the use of BOE’s screen, I was rhythmically driven. But there is no way. If Huawei wants to survive, it must support Chinese companies. Even if there is a gap between the quality and Samsung, even if it is attacked by other manufacturers who use Samsung screens, even if there will be an m20p green screen door and a p30p large fruit, you must bite the bullet. And will consumers pay for this price? Will it be a friend? Will it be a keyboard warrior? In the end, only Huawei itself pays the bill, and this is the price of living.

It’s a bit tiring to write, let’s make an advertisement at the end. BATJ is gone, and other companies will replace it every minute, but if Huawei falls, it really falls. I’m not asking you to buy Huawei’s products. My own home is full of Xiaomi’s. It’s not that Huawei is bad, it’s just poor. It’s just that if there are domestic products that can be replaced, try to consider domestic products. HMOV, Gree Haier, ZTE Datang, BOE SMIC, and so on.

Come on Huawei, come on HiSilicon, at least finish my year-end first.

Some people call me hypocritical, righteousness is awe-inspiring. Maybe it’s some bad talk above? Then I’ll write a bit more sassy side. Also, I didn’t ask you to buy Huawei products. Everyone has their own preferences. As a hot and sour rice noodle, the only thing in the family is Huawei’s watches.

Here again I admire the foresight of the top. To give a few examples, what are companies most afraid of? in stock! This is why Lei Jun redefines the spot (now out of stock), and the rice wine was robbed in 53 seconds. Huawei, on the other hand, purchased quantities ranging from six months to two years in March. I really know Trump better than Trump himself. Some people say that Intel sold your cpu, shouldn’t laptops be sold collectively? Hehe, our company has launched a new notebook equipped with Snapdragon 850 this year, and yes, we are testing the water. Regarding the software part, keyboard warriors don’t have to worry about it. Most of the software licenses are permanent licenses. There is no reason for recycling.

To give another example, three years ago, when the mobile phone just launched the dual camera, when everyone was still discussing whether the dual camera was useful (mainly because Apple did not adopt it at the time, otherwise it would definitely be delicious), Huawei has already started to develop hinges, yes, it is The hinge of the folding screen is stronger than Samsung’s hinged door. Before the 5G characters have been written yet, the most powerful baseband balong5000 has been launched (there is still code I wrote in it, and I feel proud when I think about it).

Therefore, consumers may not be bragging about the goal of turning twice in five years, but some technologies have not been announced. 2019 is the first year of the fourth industrial revolution. Although we don’t feel that we have any pride, since Trump said that Huawei is awesome, it may be really awesome.


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