Installation of hydraulic system of four-column hydraulic press

Installation of hydraulic system of four-column Hydraulic Press

1. Precautions for installation of four-column hydraulic machine tubing

  • (1) The suction pipe shall not leak air, and tighten all joints.
  • (2) The resistance of the suction pipe will cause cavitation. Generally, the height of the pump from the oil surface should be less than 500 mm.
  • (3) The suction pipe must be equipped with an oil filter, and the collision accuracy must meet the system’s requirements for oil accuracy. Usually equipped with a filter screen with a mesh size of 0.8-1.3 mm.
  • (4) The oil return pipe port should be inserted into the proper depth below the oil level. If the flow rate of the return oil on the oil surface hits the oil surface, it is easy to splash foam and mix into the system air.
  • (5) There should be no resistance when the solenoid valve drains the oil. If necessary, set the grease return alone.
  • (6) The overflow valve of the four-column hydraulic press should be at a certain distance from the suction port of the pump, otherwise, the return oil will not be cooled and defoamed and will be sucked into the pump quickly, which will cause temperature rise, noise increase, and actuator crawling.
  • (7) When installing all oil pipes, thoroughly clean them. For rusty pipe fittings, they should be pickled with 20% sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, washed with 10% soda water, rinsed with warm water, and dried before use. There must be no sand, oxide skin, etc. during installation.

2. When installing the hydraulic parts of a four-column hydraulic press, it should be cleaned with diesel or kerosene. Important self-made components should be sealed and pressure tested. The test pressure should be 2 times the working pressure or 1.5 times the maximum pressure.

3. The oil pump connection requires a high degree of concentricity. Use flexible coupling or ensure that the misalignment is less than 0.1 mm. Generally, it is not allowed to directly drive the pump with a V-belt to prevent excessive radial force.

4. General direction control min should be installed horizontally.

5. After the system is installed, the oil circuit and tank must be cleaned with washing oil.

6. ​​Clean protection of hydraulic oil.

7. The oil temperature of the system should be maintained properly, and it should be adjusted to 20-50℃ for general hydraulic machinery.

8. The oil level in the oil tank should be kept above the scale line during operation.

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