Introduction Of Stainless Steel Mesh Tube

First, it is very common in daily life and industry. 

Generally, the device for installing the filter cartridge is a filter. Such as: filtered water and food.

Second, the characteristics of stainless steel mesh

It has good good filtration performance and uniform surface filtration performance for 2-200um filtration particle size.

Corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance, repeated washing and long service life.

Uniform pores and accurate filtration accuracy

Third, the shape of the stainless steel mesh hole

1. Hole type: round hole, long round hole, rectangular hole, square hole, triangular hole, convex hole, diamond hole, hexagon hole, figure hole, cross hole, plum hole, leaf hole, fish scale hole, shark hole Wait.

Forth, Punching net filter cylinder processing method:

1. Punching

In this link, the wkc-2000 type CNC punching machine is generally used for the punching process. In the punching process, the manufacturer should pay attention to the punching scale to prevent the product from being withdrawn due to the customer’s demand standard.

2. Cut open

What kind of standards customers need, should be cut according to a certain proportion, in the process of cutting, we must pay attention to the correct use of cutting equipment, otherwise it is easy to form scratches or breaks. Be aware that once the product is in this situation, the user is unacceptable.

3. Trimming

In the manufacturing process, once the formed punched mesh product exceeds the length range advised by the customer, we should let the punching technician remove the remaining length or corner to ensure the normal needs of the user.

4. Leveling

This process is extremely important and can affect the overall performance and appearance of the punched mesh. In the process of punching, the mechanical equipment will form a degree of bending phenomenon on the plate itself, or all the bending characteristics of the plate itself, so in order to ensure the beauty of the product, we should apply the leveling machine (flattener) to deform The punched mesh is restored to its previous state.

5. Clean

After the punching net product is formed, the surface will be covered with a layer of oil. In order to ensure the normal operation of the product and the product features, we must carry out the oil stain decontamination operation on the surface of the punching net. In general, all hydrochloric acid substances are used for cleaning. Hydrochloric acid is a highly corrosive chemical that can clean up oily materials and ensure that the product itself is not subject to any visible damage. However, after cleaning the punched mesh with hydrochloric acid, we should also use clean water to remove the hydrochloric acid. This is to prevent the accumulated hydrochloric acid from forming a corrosion phenomenon in the degree of self-forming of the punched net products.

Fifth, the use of stainless steel mesh

It is mainly used in the filtration industry such as environmental protection, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, petroleum, and water treatment. We can process special-shaped filter cartridges with various machines according to customers’ requirements, such as cone, wedge, basket, V-shaped, cylindrical and so on.

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