Is It Good to Install A Copper Tube For Heating in the House?

The floor heating has gradually been recognized by everyone. Many families have started to install floor heating. So what do you know about copper tube floor heating? Copper pipe floor heating refers to the heating method in which hot water is used as a heat medium, circulating in a copper floor heating pipe, heating the floor, and supplying heat to the room through radiation and convection heat transfer on the ground. Most of today’s homes are built with floor heating systems, and the copper pipes for floor heating are popular with most people because of their own characteristics.

What are the advantages of installing a copper tube for floor heating:

1. The copper tube combines the advantages of metal and non-metal tube. It is the best joint pipe in the hot and cold water system. The copper tube is refractory and heat resistant, and can maintain shape and strength at high temperatures without aging. Copper is an indispensable trace element in the human body. It is an important component of proteins and enzymes in the body. It acts on the metabolic processes of the body and promotes many functions of the human body.

2. Copper can also inhibit bacterial growth and keep drinking water clean and hygienic. More than 99% of the bacteria in the water disappeared after entering the copper pipeline for five hours. Copper is impervious, and no harmful substances such as oil, bacteria, viruses, oxygen and ultraviolet rays can pass through it and pollute the water! Copper pipes can play a positive role in human health.

3, copper pipe floor heating has high temperature resistance, fire resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, frost heave resistance, impact resistance, and the service life is at least synchronized with the building. Copper can successfully inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the drinking water clean and hygienic, more than 99% The bacteria in the water disappeared after entering the copper pipeline for five hours. The dissolved copper ions are an essential element of human health. It is an important component of protein and enzymes in the body and is beneficial to health.

The best heating performance of the copper pipe floor heating system:

1. No matter how long the floor heating system is used and how high the water temperature in the copper pipe is, the copper pipe will not age.

2. Copper has the best thermal conductivity in all building materials, so it can achieve less consumables and higher thermal efficiency.

3, increase the indoor space, make the room clean and tidy, uniform heat and cold, more comfortable and safe.

4. High efficiency and energy saving. No pollution, long service life.

The most common floor heating pipe in floor heating installation is aluminum-plastic pipe, but many owners who pursue high-quality life will think that aluminum-plastic pipe is not environmentally friendly, and it is easy to age due to long-term use. Therefore, they require floor heating to use copper pipe laying, not all floor heating installation companies. The copper pipe is used to lay the floor heating, and the copper pipe floor heating process is more complicated. Even if the radiator pipe joint is also made of copper tube, it is safer and has a longer service life.

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