Large aluminum alloy parts processing methods and techniques

As for the processing method of large aluminum alloy precision parts, I also want to make it simple. The first way to make large aluminum alloy parts is to be reasonable. You can use the flying knife to use the flying knife as much as possible. This can also improve the efficiency but use the flying knife. The roughening is easy to cause the workpiece to heat and deform, so it is necessary to do the front and back to prevent deformation and open. After roughing, the planes of the two faces should be leveled to ensure that the workpiece is vertical and then the light knife is made. The thickness margin should be sufficient to ensure that there is a possibility of remediation if there is an abnormality during processing.
The clamping must be stable, and the flying knife should be used to prevent the workpiece from moving during the machining process, and it is often necessary to observe whether there is a sticking knife. After the flying knife is opened, check the parallelism with the calibration meter. Pay more attention to the structure of the workpiece. It is predicted in advance that the position of the knives may be set reasonably to avoid the overcut of the knives. When you get on or off the machine, you should pay attention to avoid bumping. When you are working on the reverse side, you should pad the thin parts of the workpiece to support it to avoid the impact knife. Every small detail must be paid attention to, because the abnormal processing of large aluminum alloy parts is caused. The cost and time are particularly large and every step must be cautious. The tool should be selected with aluminum knives as much as possible. If there are deep hole deep grooves, it is necessary to pay attention to blowing the chips in time to avoid the tool slag. 
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