Laser processing technology of sheet metal workshop

Sheet metal workshop part of the processing steps: early product testing, product development and product volume production. In processing test steps, shall promptly contact the customer communication, following the evaluation of the appropriate processing and batch production.
Sheet metal shop should communicate with customers to discuss technical objectives identified content including product requirements, technology confidential contracts the management of patents, designs and drawings, related technologies and products delivered by a specific deadline. And the preparation of contracts, specific technical competence and respective rights. In the machining process to confidentiality of customer's technical content, so that their products will suffer damage.
After the delegate when receiving bulk manufacture or production, technicians should be standard for processing according to the contract. To ensure the professional quality of sheet metal workshop technician, efficient work style should be complete, to customer satisfaction.
· Sheet metal workshop and technical personnel should be familiar with the characteristics of laser processing equipment, the status of laser processing equipment, equipment maintenance, is a device in the best condition, Visual inspection of laser processing in time in the process, including observation of micro and macroscopic observation and cross-sectional shape observation of laser cutting, corresponding information is recorded.
Laser Generator in laser machining center, laser cutting, computer-controlled areas, under the feeding of raw materials, finished products and material transfer device in the workspace, in the feeding of raw materials and finished cutting areas need to arrange for technicians to operate other workspace can be controlled automatically by a computer, automate.Previous: The characteristics and advantages of laser processing technologyNext: No Information

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