Measures to be taken to improve the purity of steel

The purity of molten steel mainly refers to the gas content and the number, shape and distribution of inclusions in the steel. Only pure molten steel has good castability, can guarantee the quality of continuous casting slab, and can achieve the required mechanical properties and service performance of steel. Practice shows that all parts with inclusions are often accompanied by cracks. To improve the purity of steel is to reduce the content of non-metallic inclusions in the steel to the required level.

First of all, try to minimize the contamination of molten steel by foreign inclusions,

The second is to promote the rapid discharge of the inclusions that are already in the molten steel, and the pure molten steel. For this reason, the following aspects can be manually handled in the process: stop the slag and tap the steel; determine a reasonable deoxidation system and deoxidation procedure; select the appropriate molten steel refining method according to the needs of the steel type, uniform composition, temperature, fine-tune composition, and reduce oxygen in steel. Application of immersion nozzle + protective slag protective pouring technology to implement non-oxidation pouring; avoid secondary oxidation of molten steel and use high-quality refractory materials; use tundish metallurgical technology and mold metallurgical technology ; According to the need to adopt the corresponding electromagnetic stirring technology.

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