Metal mold casting

Metal mold casting
Metal mold casting is a modern process of hollow casting molds made of metals (heat-resistant alloy steel, ductile iron, heat-resistant cast iron, etc.).
The metal mold can be either gravity casting or pressure casting. The metal mold can be used repeatedly. Every time the molten metal is poured, a casting is obtained, with a long life and high production efficiency. Metal castings not only have good dimensional accuracy and smooth surface, but also have higher strength than sand castings and are less likely to be damaged when the same molten metal is poured. Therefore, in the mass production of medium and small non-ferrous metal castings, as long as the melting point of the casting material is not too high, metal casting is generally preferred. However, metal mold casting also has some shortcomings: because heat-resistant alloy steel and the processing of making a hollow cavity on it are relatively expensive, the cost of metal molds is expensive, but the overall cost of die casting molds is cheaper. too much. For small batch production, the mold cost allocated to each product is obviously too high, which is generally not easy to accept. And because the metal mold is limited by the size of the mold material and the capacity of the cavity processing equipment and the casting equipment, it is also powerless for particularly large castings. Therefore, metal mold casting is rarely used in the production of small batches and large parts. In addition, although the metal mold uses heat-resistant alloy steel, its heat-resistant ability is still limited. Generally, it is mostly used for casting of aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and magnesium alloy. It has been less used in copper alloy casting, but used for ferrous metal casting. Even less.
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