Metal non-standard parts in non-standard parts with CNC machining

It has been learned before that non-standard parts refer to other parts that are not controlled by the company except that the country does not impose strict standard specifications and there are no relevant parameters.
Although there is no standard classification of non-standard parts at present, it can be roughly divided into two types: metal non-standard parts and non-metal non-standard parts.
The metal non-standard parts are mainly provided by the customer with drawings, and then the manufacturer uses the equipment to make corresponding products according to the drawings. Usually, the molds are mostly, the tolerance requirements, and the smoothness are all specified by the customer.
Perhaps because non-standard parts require corresponding quality control from casting finishing, the process is complicated and the variability is large, so the cost is higher than standard parts.
Compared to the cost of processing standard parts, the cost of processing non-standard parts is also slightly higher than the former.
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