Molten steel refining process

Patent No.: 98125048.3 Patentee: Baoshan Iron and Steel (Group) Company Technical Abstract: The present invention discloses a molten steel refining process, which belongs to the treatment method of molten iron alloy, and has the following process:

1) When the RH ladle trolley is driven to the RH treatment station, the bottom-blowing Ar mixing pretreatment is carried out;

2) During the RH treatment process, molten steel F

(O) When ≤20ppm, feed the composite desulfurization core wire into the ladle for desulfurization;

3) At the same time that the vacuum tank breaks the vacuum at the end of the RH treatment, the CaSi core wire is fed into the ladle for calcium treatment, or after the temperature measurement and sampling at the end of the RH treatment, the CaSi core wire is fed into the CaSi core wire for calcium treatment immediately while blowing Ar.

The invention can shorten the production cycle, reduce the nitrogen increase in the treatment process, reduce the temperature drop, and increase the calcium recovery rate. Contact Unit: Intellectual Assets Department of Baosteel Co., Ltd. Address: South Building, Baosteel Hotel, 1813 Mudan Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai Postal Code: 201900

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