New Arrival Silicone Utensil Sets Introduction

Cooking tools supplier here introduct a stocked silicone utensil sets to you.This is a cooking tool set. 1 set include 12 pcs kitchen cooking tools.It include silicone oil brush, spatulas, tong, egg beater.Size of silicone utensil setsMade by food grade silica gel, this utensil sets is heat resistant. -40-230 degree safe.This product is in stocked, two sets available.
It has a wooden handle.The mini order quantity is just 2 sets. This utensil set is in stock, so you can get it soon.How to purchase this silicone utensil sets?T/T is available. leave us a message about your needs hereCall +86 18602088829Or send an email to this email adress: [email protected]

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