Opportunities and challenges of the silicone industry in 2020

In terms of national production capacity, China’s organic silicon material production capacity will reach 1.423 million tons a year in 2019. Generally speaking, the impact on downstream silicone rubber companies throughout the year can be controlled, and the impact of exports will continue to decline. It is expected that in the second quarter, upstream silicon materials and downstream silicone rubber products will usher in a growth period.

  For downstream silicone products, there is no major impact on the traditional consumer field, because organic silicone products have certain advantages in electronics, construction and energy industries. Silicone medical supplies will rise.


Taken together, the upstream and downstream organic silicone companies have been in a stagnation period in recent months. In the past year, upstream silicon companies have overlaid raw materials and finished product logistics may be affected. However, the demand for consumer electronics in the first quarter was relatively weak, and demand will be met after the epidemic Bounce, so it also has a rebound effect on electronic silicon rubber materials.

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