Pickering UK expands 16A current PXI switch solution

As a leader in modular signal switching and signal conditioning solutions for Electronic test and simulation, UKPickeringcompany expanded16AcurrentPXISwitch product line.followed by16ADiscrete Relay Modules(model40-161)success,PickeringIntroducing the new16AcurrentPXImodule series, including:

16Acurrent PXI High Power Multiplexer (model40-662) Seven different configurations are supported, in the form of4Group2:1to a single group16:1multiplexer.

16Acurrent PXI High Power Matrix Switch (model40-552) Matrix scale 8×2and4×4, supports four different configurations, and can also beYAxis expansion port to expand the matrix scale: eg 8×4,12×4,16×4Wait(based on 4×4 matrix) or 16×2,24×2,32×2,Wait(based on8×2 matrix).

these two16AcurrentPXIThe switch series has the following characteristics:

· Available at28VDCHot switching at voltages up to16Acurrent

· Maximum DC hot-swap voltage up to300VDC

· Hot switching AC signal up to[email protected]

· Cold switching withstands voltages up to400VDC

· Using high-quality high-power electromagnetic relays

· use20roadGMCTconnectdevice

The switch design of this series carefully considers the operating temperature characteristics of the module to ensure that all channels on the module can carry16Acurrent without exceeding the overall temperature.

The applicable fields of this series of products include electric vehicles, automobilesECUtest,ACPower supply switch, high current power supply, load switch, and aerospace electric drive testing.

UKPickeringowned by the companyLXI,PCIandPXISwitch Solutions provides matching solutions for cables and connectors, including this latest16AcurrentPXISwitch series.at the same timePickeringCustom cable kits are also available for special needs.

allPickeringThe products provided by the company all provide standard3Annual warranty and long-term product technical support services. Product prices and related product information have been updated on the official website. For more information, please visit: www.pickeringtest.com


UKPickeringThe company designs and manufactures modular signal switches and instruments for users in the field of electronic test and simulation.We offer the widest variety ofPXI,LXI,PCIandGPIBSwitching solutions for the bus. At the same time, the whole line provides matching cables and connectors for users to choose.PickeringThe company’s products are used in test systems all over the world and have won wide acclaim for their high reliability and cost-effectiveness.PickeringThe company’s business is all over the world, with its own branches in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, France and the Czech Republic, and a cooperative agency distribution network in many countries in America, Europe and Asia. At present, we mainly serve the automotive electronics, aerospace, defense, power, energy and consumer electronics industries. For more information on signal switches and signal conditioning products and contact details for sales, please visit our official website: www.pickeringtest.com.

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