Pico-ITX i.MX 8M Minisingle board computer

Pico-ITX i.MX 8M Minisingle board computer

Pico-ITX i.MX 8M Minisingle board computer

Called iW-RainboW-G34S, it supports Linux 5.4.70, Ubuntu 20.04, Buildroot 2021.02 and Android 11.

It is designed for multimedia processing with low power in embedded consumer and industrial applications.

Arm Cortex-A53 cores up to 1.6GHz are available, plus a Cortex-M4 for low-power, real-time system monitoring.

Pico-ITX i.MX 8M Minisingle board computer

Also on the i.MX 8M Mini are a 2D/3D GPU and 1080 VPU, “making the single board computer a perfect fit for high performance graphics and imaging applications such as video conferencing, HMI solutions and image analytics,” according to iWave.

Memory configuration range from 1Gbyte to 4Gbyte LPDDR4, with an expandable eMMC flash up to 128Gbyte.

Interfaces include: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB2.0, SDIO, PCIe to Ethernet, MIPI_DSI to HDMI/LVDS and MIPI CSI Camera. The M.2 connector has optional PCIe support so “you can plug in an external cellular connectivity modem,” said the company.

Pico-ITX i.MX 8M Minisingle board computerThere is an optional aluminium heat sink case

Commercial and industrial temperature types are available. “iWave complements the single board computer with thermal solutions such as heat sinks and heat spreaders to take care of the thermal characteristics,” it said. “The iW-Rainbow-G34S is designed for mass production with iWave assuring product longevity of 10+ years.”

The product page is here

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