Plastic chair mould introduction

Plastic chair is one of the most frequently used products in daily life,which can be divided into:beach chairsbus chairsdinning chairsgym chairs.And the chairs demand of wear-resistance and strength is high.

SINO MOULD has Sophisticated equipment and designing experience on making mould.So,we could provide our points to optimize the product design.For example, in the mould designing, when we receive the product sample,our engineer team will analyze the product design detail,and check the make the structure.If there have any unreasonable design,we will hold a meeting to revise and solve the problem for making mould structure easily,using mould stably.Importantly,every mould must need to be tested under QC test standard,be trained to get satisfied sample before shipment.Only that,we could ensure our mould quality and clients feelings well.SINO MOULD value could be realized through that.

SINO MOULD has 5 advantages on chair mould:

1. In order to save mould costthe plate of the back of the chair mould is interchangeable

2. We have professional engineer team to design mould and get rid of 95% mistakes

3. Decreasing mould make period through simultaneous mould processing

4. We offer turkey solution including mould design,mould making,injection moulding machine,auxiliary equipment,factory layout.

The followings are some information about the chair mould and plastic chair:

1. Mould steel:P20,718,2311,2738.

2. Plastic material:PP+calcium carbonate<20%


Sharing major points about the testing:

1. smooth parting line without flash

2. Chairs could not be sloped when superimposing more than 10 plastic chairs

3. The distance between the feet of every 2 chairs can not exceed 60mm when chairs superimposing

4. Testing plastic chairs strength

 The mould quality is related to detailed mould design.High quality chair mould needs short cycle time,long mould life, smooth parting line,high strength stacking capacity, and even injection force.

 SINO MOULD treats each customers inquiry with sincere attitude,expecting your contact!

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