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Recently, when talking about the mould project, all of the customers will say ‘I WANT A GOOD MOULD’. But what is a good mould? Different people have different demand. Here I will list some important point for your reference.


1) The most important is that the mould should be certified. It means the product is complete, there is no burr, no flash, no shrinkage, no bubble on the product surface, the size and the weight are both in the limit tolerance. What’s more, it should be easy to eject, do not stick in the cavity or core.


2) The mold has long lifetime. Firstly, it must use the good or suitable steel, for example, if you want to produce the PVC pipe fitting mould, you should choose the stainless steel, such as S136, 2316, as PVC has corrosivity, if you use normal steel, it will shorten the mold lifetime. Secondly, the mold design also has the big influence on the mold lifetime. So if you want to make a good mould, you should choose the manufacture which has many rich experience designers. Thirdly, the assembly and the precision tooling machine are also very important.


3) A good mould should be easy to maintain and easy to repair for customers, especially for the new customers which has no experience.


4)The last but the most important is the safety.


That is’ what is a good mould’ I learnt, and Sino is a good mould supplier and can offer you all above. If you have any different ideas, welcome to communicate us.



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