Powder tin lid mould

Powder tin lid mould maker is a professional lid moulds manufacturer in China.For the powder tin lid mould,we make the mould with valve gate hot runner system and pin point hot runner system.Usually the raw material for the Powder tin lid is LDPE,with high speed thinwall injection molding.

Sino Mould China make multi-cavity thinwall lid moulds,such as 4cavity,6cavity,9cavity and so on.We could get the wall thickness under 0.45mm with high speed injection.Usually we use hot runner system for the thinwall lid mould,as hot runner system is easy and fast for injection,especially with the valve gate hot runner system.

High quality thinwall mould is with mould strength,easy mould maintenance,fast running and long mould life.We could offer a molding line for high speed injection molding solution.For 1L thinwall containers,750ml thinwall containers,500ml thinwall containers with 0.45mm thickness,we have the experience for 4cavity moulds.

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