Purdue University uses 3D printer to design and make toys

Recently, students from the C Design Lab of Purdue University in the United States have made many new and complex toys for class ME444. This is a task given by Dr. Karthik Ramani. The purpose is to encourage these future engineers to use creative visual thinking and New ideas. They are using EnvisionTEC Xtreme 3SP 3D printer.

Dr. Ramani agrees that returning to the basics in the process of engineering education, focusing on what to learn first, and at the same time staying focused on learning CAD. In his paper “ME444: Reconstructing Toy Design Course” co-authored with Elkin Taborda and Senthil K Chandrasegaran, he briefly introduced this concept.

The idea is to give students a strong curriculum framework, not only to allow them to make complex and interesting toys and obtain A, but more importantly, to enable them to learn engineering skills from A to Z and acquire strong CAD skills. The author of the paper pointed out that CAD is regarded as an important medium for users because of its dominant position in the industry and because of its multiple uses for a range of applications. However, they all really want to let students learn freehand drawing first, because it is comprehensive skills, not just data, that allow graduates to enter the real world.

In order to train senior engineers, the authors thought about what issues should be prioritized in order to provide students with real skills in the future. In the process, they came up with the i8 concept. This concept includes “the integration of the basic principles of creativity and innovation in engineering design”, including: inspiration, insight, conceptual ability, imagination, iteration, execution, and the role of innovation.

“Inspiration and insight are the starting point. Ideation and imagination support the innovation and exploration of design concepts,” the author said in the paper: “Iteration and execution exist in every design process at every stage. Finally, every design The purpose is to have an effect, to meet the needs by solving the original problem, or at least to generate more ideas.” The “core concept” of the new curriculum method was redesigned a few years ago, focusing on innovative ideas in the design process , Freehand drawings, and an emphasis on earlier and cheaper prototypes. They used EnvisionTEC machines and SLA 3D printing technology, in addition to the toy production budget, including the purchase of parts. Dr. Ramani very clearly chose the tools the students currently use. They obviously used SLA 3D printers in the laboratory after careful consideration and testing.

Headquartered in Germany and the United States, EnvisionTEC is a leader in the manufacturing industry. It continuously releases new hardware, cooperates in the development of new materials, and continues to expand its scale.

“Basically, students and everyone in the real world want 3D machines to print functional prototypes that work like real products,” said Dr. Ramani. “We did extensive benchmarking for the machines. When we did, We found that EnvisionTEC can produce very precise parts, which no other machine currently can do.”

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