Related properties and functions of automobile stamping parts

Auto stamping parts are a kind of relatively common auto parts. We can see this kind of parts many times, but I believe that many friends do not have complete control over this product, especially those who are not engaged in this industry. When I need to buy automotive stamping products, I will definitely have a phobia of choice. What model should I buy, which one should I buy, should I buy cheaper or more expensive ones, with all kinds of problems, we Let’s understand how to judge the quality of automobile stamping parts and how to choose and buy them together. Let us be satisfied. Below, please see the detailed introduction brought by automobile stamping parts manufacturers:

First of all, the demand is to be judged from the overall structure of the product. If the structure is more reasonable and simple, then such automotive stamping products are excellent. Stamping parts try to be simple, do not buy some overly complex products, because Complex products have many advantages in themselves. The more complex they are, the more likely they are to present problems of this kind, so if you want to understand the problems in this area, you need to be prepared for it.

Secondly, it is necessary to distinguish the profiles of automobile stamping parts. Automobile stamping parts of different materials may have very different product performance characteristics. In this regard, consumers who need a lot of needs will understand it seriously, as long as these are achieved. Only our products can play a relatively good effect.

The most important point of automobile stamping parts is the size. If the size deviation is more serious, then it may be difficult to purchase high-quality and low-cost products. For a wide range of consumers, they want to purchase suitable products. It is necessary to stop thinking carefully from these centers. You must pay more attention to the size of the problem, especially in the process of acceptance, you must carefully check the accuracy of the product, and finally get a more suitable product.

Auto stamping parts on the car body are roughly divided into cover parts, beam parts and ordinary stamping parts. The stamping parts that can clearly express the characteristics of the car’s image are car cover parts. Therefore, the more specific automobile mold can be said to be “automobile cover stamping mold”. Referred to as automobile cover die. For example, front door outer panel trimming die, front door inner panel punching die, etc. To

Generally, according to the use of automobile stamping parts, it is divided into: cover, support, structural reinforcement, support, frame beam, etc. The cover is divided into an outer cover and an inner cover, which have the characteristics of thin material, complex shape, large structure size and high precision, high appearance quality, and cannot be formed at one time. Many beams are included in the inner cover assembly. Such as the reinforced beams of the car engine, cab, floor, side wall, etc. To

Ordinary stamping parts, compared to cover parts, are simple in appearance, small in structure size, low in deformation, low in dimensional accuracy, fewer processes, simple in molds, and small in equipment tonnage. There is no need to form a consumer line, and it can be completed by a single machine. To

With the development of the modern automobile industry from time to time, the functions of automobiles have become more diverse, and the safety of automobiles has also become higher. It is worth mentioning that the smooth operation and work of a car is inseparable from every small part of it. Then, the following automobile stamping parts manufacturers will briefly introduce its related performance and functions, and help more people to understand it better.

Auto stamping parts are actually metal stamping parts installed on cars, and they play a very important role in cars, and they play a very important role in the effective operation of cars. From the detailed application status, stamping parts are mainly divided into two parts.

One of the parts is to become auto parts directly after stamping; while the other part is auto parts that can be used only after being stamped through processing methods such as welding.
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