Revealing the new breakthrough of OPPO mobile phone video shooting EIS effect

“This moment is clearer”, innovatively equipped with dual-core focusing technology, using F1.7 large aperture to lead OPPO’s new OPPO R9s/OPPO R9s Plus to become a familiar camera phone, a well-deserved market explosion. However, photo shooting is by no means the only point of OPPO’s new phone, and the video shooting effect of the R9s/R9s Plus is also amazing.

Users who like to shoot mobile phone videos have had such a painful experience: whether it is shooting unforgettable scenery on the roadside on a speeding vehicle, or want to record the high-shaking splendor of extreme sports such as surfing and parkour, or want to Taking pictures of the splendid moments of sunrise and sunset, I still want to record the innocent moment of the child… But the image quality is greatly reduced due to the shaking of the mobile phone when shooting. Therefore, OPPO has already placed video stabilization technology at the core of the camera quality. After several generations of program upgrades, OPPO has joined forces with InvenSense on the R9s/R9s Plus. It took half a year to create an amazing video stabilization. experience.

Industry professionals pointed out that the InvenSense EIS technology solution is due toThe advantages of “two lows and one high” – low power consumption, low platform dependence, high anti-shake performance, not only suitable for high-end flagship models,And it is also completely suitable for low-end models, which brings good news to mobile phone brands and users who are as obsessed with high-quality images as OPPO. It is also reported that the EIS solution support task of the InvenSense engineering team has been scheduled to the second quarter of 2017, which shows the market acceptance of this solution.

InvenSense EIS Technology (Electronic Image Stabilization)

The cooperation between OPPO and InvenSense in the EIS solution is not accidental. InvenSense, which is well-known for its motion sensing technology, has a profound background in imaging. As early as the early 2000s, InvenSense was the main anti-shake device and algorithm partner of Nikon, Sony and other top camera manufacturers in the world. Always maintain the leading position in the fields of image stabilization (OIS) and video stabilization (EIS). For EIS, InvenSense has a long-term roadmap and layout. OPPO R9s/ OPPO R9s Plus can be said to be the beginning of a truly mature mobile video stabilization experience.

There are pictures and facts. Compared with the video shooting performance without EIS, the following videos/movies explain the excellent performance of InvenSense EIS in an immersive way. Video address:

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Revealing the new breakthrough of OPPO mobile phone video shooting EIS effect

Figure 1: Video/animation comparing the effects of NO EIS and InvenSense EIS

Compared with other EIS, InvenSense EIS has more advantages:

1. The principle is different:Traditional EIS isGraphical analysisKnow the moving direction of each pixel in the image, so as to analyze the motion characteristics of the front and rear frame images, and finally move the image to eliminate the jitter between the front and rear frames. What makes InvenSense EIS unique is thatWith motion sensorAccurately determine motion features in real time, without relying on the image processing capabilities of flagship platforms like traditional EIS, and it will not generate huge power consumption. At the same time, InvenSense EIS effectively eliminates video jitter and “jelly effect” due to rolling shutter distortion.

2. Better high frequency jitter suppression effect:InvenSense EIS can calculate motion features with ultra-high bandwidth, effectively correct image jitter of high-frequency oscillation features (even remove image jitter caused by drone engine vibration), which is an incomparable advantage of traditional EIS based on image analysis.

3. Lower power consumption:Traditional EIS real-time image movement analysis takes up a lot of CPU resources. In addition, the motion analysis caused by the coarse analysis module is not detailed enough, which makes traditional EIS sacrifice power consumption, but the final result is often unsatisfactory. InvenSense EIS can be said to have both low power consumption. The representative of energy consumption and high performance.

Figure 2: InvenSense EIS corrected image jitter rendering

In recent years, social applications have continued to be popular, and high-performance EIS will undoubtedly greatly improve the user experience and accelerate the popularization of video sharing. The successful cooperation between OPPO and InvenSense is bound to lead a comprehensive upgrade of mobile video experience.

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