RFID Silicone Tag Of Shoe And Clothing Retail Enterprises

With the increasing penetration rate of RFID electronic tags in the retail industry,RFID silicone Tag clothing has gradually begun to introduce RFID technology in the entire management system. It is expected that the penetration rate will grow faster in the next few years. According to statistics, at the end of 2016,RFID Silicone Tag the demand for RFID tags in the global retail chain of clothing-based retail industry exceeded 5 billion.

There are two main reasons for the high application of RFID electronic tags in the apparel industry: First,RFID Silicone Tag the tags in this scenario are consumables. Once the electronic tags are transferred to the final link,RFID Silicone Tag that is, in the hands of consumers, the mission of electronic tags is completed;RFID Silicone Tag Another reason is that thanks to its lower and lower manufacturing costs,RFID Silicone Tag the current average cost of a single electronic tag in this application scenario in China is less than 1 yuan,RFID Silicone Tag which is roughly the price of a piece of clothing. Less than 1%.

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