Silicone Muffin Cake Molds Wholesale: Always One Option Fit For You

Molds are must have tools for most baking love. Different designs baking mold make it possible to make better-looking cakes at an easy way. Pour the batter in silicone cake molds, bake in oven as directed, then a perfect cake that look like made by pastry chefs of bakery will yield.Do you use silicone molds? Silicone Baking Molds: Cake Pan, Loaf Pan, Muffin Mold…… Many silicone molds choosable.Here the writer writing this esay is on a purpose of introducing several different designs silicone muffin cake molds.Pumpkin Muffin Cup Silicone Cake MoldsPumpkin muffin cup silicone cake molds, as its name describes, it is a silicone mold designed for making pumpkin shape muffin cake. Easter and pumpkin have an inseparable relationship. Whenever we talk about Easter, pumpkin will float in our mind. Easter pumpkin cakes will make the festive atmosphere more warm.Five-Pointed Star Silicon Cupcake Muffin Mold
Geometic five pointed star, a common shape in daily life.  Though five pointed star is not special, most people love five-pointed star cake pans. And size of this cake pan is 12.5*3cmSilicone Molds For Cupcake CakeIt is in a unique unicorn shape shape. Size: 23 * 26 * 5cmThose muffin cake molds are made of food grade silica gel which can pass FDA or LFGB test. As a cake mold manufacturer, Weishun can supply clients OEM & ODM servise. If someone have a silicone molds purchase project, why not send [email protected] a message? We will respond you without 24h on working days.

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