Silicone sponge tube

silicone sponge tube is a high temperature silicone foam extrusion products, it is different from silicone foam wafers, the main characteristics of different processes, belong to the molding process,


The foam tube is made of a large molded machine, which is also commonly known as a silicone sponge tube because it is like a sponge.


Our company’s silicone foam tubes are using 100% gas-phase silicone raw materials to add foaming agent through high-temperature baking box vulcanization,


A large amount of air is produced during the vulcanization process, resulting in a large number of small holes in the silicone interior.


The product’s biggest feature is high temperature resistance, good elasticity, high-quality high temperature silicone foam tube, it can continue to work at 300 degrees high temperature without qualitative change.


About the silicone foam dispensing process:

1: Send drawings or templates to our division

2: According to the drawings or template arrangements for quotations;

3, after confirming the sample molding;

4, confirm the model after the opening of large molds, do goods, shipments.


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