Silicone tube feature

Product Features:

– High quality silicone as raw material, high elasticity

– 0zone/acid/alkali/oil/water/abrasion/tear resistance                 

– Durable, anti-aging, non-discoloring, low flammability                        

– Eco-friendly, environmental,  non-toxic, odorless               


Product Applications:

– Food processing, medical, automobile, electric, electronics industries

– Home appliances, drinking water system, construction machines….etc

Our  Advantages:
1.Our value massage is” Quality is our culuture”

2.Our core competencies is silicone products ,graphite products ,and  thermal products

3.With us  your money in a safe your bussiness in safe.

4.Competitive advantage products

5.Condidentiality agreement Bussiness Secrect Contract”

6.Free sample offer & small order welcomed

7.Quality assurance


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