Solve the problem that the pressure of the servo hydraulic press cannot rise

  • (1) Common sense operation errors, such as the three-phase connection reversed, the fuel tank is insufficient, and the pressure regulating valve has not increased the pressure. This is usually when a novice uses a servo hydraulic machine for the first time;
  • (2) The hydraulic valve is broken, the valve is blocked, the internal spring is stuck by impurities and cannot be reset, which will cause the pressure to be unable to come up. If it is a manual reversing valve, it will be removed and washed;
  • (3) The oil has leaked. First, check if there are any obvious signs of oil leakage on the surface of the machine. If not, the oil seal of the piston is damaged. Put this aside first, because unless you really can’t find a solution, the cylinder will be removed and the oil seal will be replaced;
  • (4) Insufficient power, usually appearing on old machines, either the pump is worn out, or the motor is aging. Put your palm on the oil inlet pipe and look at it. If the suction power of the machine is high, the pump will be okay, otherwise there will be a problem. Motor aging is relatively rare. It is really aging and the sound is very loud, because it can’t carry so much loudness. Motivated
  • (5) The hydraulic gauge is broken. This is also possible.

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