Study and formulate relevant regulations on vehicle pollution control in China

Daimler-Chrysler Corporation focused on introducing the newly developed Tame Wan electronically controlled natural gas engine, and compared it with the side-smart electronically controlled diesel engine of the same series. Daimler-Chrysler Corporation’s Power Plant Department has cooperated with Shanghai Bus Manufacturing Company to install this engine on city buses. The results of this cooperation were demonstrated at the exhibition, and it also reflects Daimler-Chrysler’s Strong interest in China’s environmentally friendly vehicle market. To add new varieties of King Long buses, King Long and Ge luxury city bus products have passed the finalization and appraisal of relevant experts. The new car is a Japanese Mitsubishi model, Dongfeng special bus chassis, and supercharged engine, the highest speed.

Today, FAW Dayu Company has built and put into operation the largest domestic powertrain production plant, and FAW Dayu Yantai Automobile Engine Co., Ltd. has completed and put New products developed after months of joint design and development by the British Woxin Technology Center, Wei Er, and South Korea’s Bupyeong Technology Center. The product has a variety of positive and large series, so that General Motors signed an agreement with the National Environmental Protection Agency and the school and research institute to jointly promote the development of China’s environmental protection, industry and automotive advanced technology. General Motors Corporation and the National Environmental Protection Agency and Tsinghua University The University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Jilin University of Technology, and Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics of China have signed agreements respectively, and the two parties have in-depth cooperation on automobile exhaust emission control and automobile materials research to jointly promote the development of China’s automobile industry.

According to the agreement, GM China will jointly establish a scientific and technological working group with the State Environmental Protection Agency to conduct in-depth research on motor vehicle exhaust emission control and environmental protection. GM will provide financial and technical support and guidance. A working group composed of experts from all parties will jointly review the research plan submitted by the National Environmental Protection Agency. The annual cooperation project is to study and formulate relevant regulations on vehicle pollution control in China, and submit a white paper on the state of vehicle pollution in China.

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