Sugon releases “Safe and Trusted City Cloud”, leading the nationwide era of cloud computing

On December 15th, Sugon, a leading company in my country’s information technology industry, held a “Sugon Secure and Trusted City Cloud” conference in Beijing, which is also the industry’s first “national cloud production”.

Sugon Safe and Trusted City Cloud is fully compatible with domestic processors of various mainstream architectures, and has a complete technical product stack from the bottom-level processor to the upper-level application. It has the four core characteristics of security and reliability, full-stack service, worry-free delivery, and rich ecology.

The era of national cloud production is coming, how to choose a better one?

In recent years, driven by the “new infrastructure” wave, cloud computing, as an important form of “digital new infrastructure”, plays an important role in supporting the innovation and development of various industries, and cloud security issues have become the focus of widespread attention in the industry. At the same time, domestic companies have made a series of breakthroughs in core technologies such as domestic processors, operating systems, and databases, and it is just the right time to build a safe and reliable “national cloud”.

In this context, as a leading enterprise in the domestic information technology industry, Sugon has taken the lead in launching the “Safe and Trusted City Cloud” in the industry, and it is also the industry’s first “national cloud production”. Sugon Security and Trusted City Cloud builds an intelligent cloud management platform based on domestic microprocessors, providing users with a safe and stable operation management system, a rich and mature application ecological environment, and a smooth cloud experience without secondary development.

Guan Hongming, President of Sugon Cloud Computing Group, said that for “national cloud production”, domestic production and safety are the basic skills, and only the delivery and ecological capabilities can see the truth. The latter determines whether it is easy to use and easy to use, which is also the difficulty and pain point for users to go to the cloud at this stage.

Guan Hongming, President of Sugon Cloud Computing Group, introduced Sugon Security and Trusted City Cloud

Sugon Cloud’s “SAFE” concept, to create an easy-to-use “national cloud production” standard

At the press conference, Sugon elaborated on the “SAFE” advantages of a safe and trusted city cloud:

The primary advantage of Sugon Security and Trusted City Cloud is Security. Based on domestically produced secure and trusted microprocessors, a national cloud-production technology architecture covering infrastructure, operating systems, databases, middleware and application software is built, which fully meets the “Information Security Technology Cloud Computing Service Security Capability Requirements” of the National Cyberspace Administration of China and the national Standards such as the “Technical Requirements for Information Security Technology Network Security Level Protection Security Design” have formed a comprehensive and three-dimensional security and defense system, which can effectively guarantee information security on the cloud.

Second, a complete and comprehensive cloud product stack (All-Stack). With full-stack technical capabilities from infrastructure (IaaS) to platform layer (PaaS), it supports various scenarios at the application layer (SaaS) and brings an excellent overall experience.

Third, efficient and worry-free migration delivery (Fast Delivery). Derived from the advanced and universal domestic microprocessor architecture, users can achieve smooth migration to the cloud without deep optimization and secondary development, which greatly reduces the cost, difficulty and security risks of system transformation, software migration, and data migration. Combined with Sugon’s strong supply chain guarantee, solution capabilities and butler service, users can truly experience the “national cloud production” that is built and used and seamlessly migrated.

Fourth, a rich and mature application ecosystem (Eco-System). Sugon’s national cloud production has native and rich ecological advantages. It has excellent natural compatibility with mainstream system architecture and mainstream business software, and provides a large number of mature and rich applications for government, enterprise and users in various industries.

Build a new model for cities in the era of cloud production across the country

It is reported that Sugon is currently upgrading many government and enterprise users to “safe and trusted city cloud”. Tianjin, Wuxi, Chengdu, and Fuzhou government cloud platforms have become the first batch of government cloud platforms to be upgraded to Sugon’s national cloud production. The platform has provided various government departments with nationwide government affairs extranet and Internet-side computing, storage, and security cloud service resources, which has accelerated the digitalization of government affairs and established a new model of government affairs cloud.

According to Dr. He Mujun, Assistant to the President of Sugon, Sugon has built a number of “national cloud production” adaptation centers across the country, and has completed mainstream basic software and thousands of upper-layer applications. The platform provides comprehensive cloud migration solutions and service support, and has achieved smooth migration and stable operation of tens of thousands of business applications, effectively supporting the business operation needs of users in different industries, and clearing up a wide range of commercial applications of “national cloud production” in the future obstacle.

At this stage, users can experience the “Sugon Safe and Trusted City Cloud” online through the official website of Sugon.

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