Teach you how to disable the graphics card on your computer [Disable the graphics card driver]

Use UG NX software, always deal with the graphics card. First of all, the UG software is a 2D and 3D drawing software, and its operation requires the support of the graphics card. If your graphics card model or graphics card driver has problems, it may cause the UG software to work abnormally. Or unstable, the most typical examples are:

  • 1. The graphic display is abnormal, that is, the graphic cannot be displayed normally, such as broken face, lost face, incomplete model display, etc.
  • 2. The graphic display is stuck, that is, the graphic can be displayed normally, but it is very stuck when rotating and viewing the view, and it cannot work normally.
  • 3. UG software cross cursor displays problems such as drag marks, white dots, jitter, etc.
  • 4. The most likely problem between software and graphics card: UG cannot export CAD files such as STPIGSDWGDXF

There are even some other unknown issues.

Sometimes when we are troubleshooting problems, we may need to disable the graphics card to detect whether the graphics card or the graphics card driver is causing the problem.

So how to disable the graphics card on the computer?

The method is as follows (common to WIN10WIN8WIN7XP system):

  • 1. On the desktop—[This Computer] (Computer, My Computer)—[Right Click]—[Properties]
  • 2. [Device Manager]
  • 3. [Display Adapter]—Right click on the graphics card—[Disable Device]

Some people may ask, I only have one graphics card can it be disabled, because there are two graphics cards in the picture above (one is an integrated graphics card and the other is a discrete graphics card). If your computer only displays one graphics card, you can disable it. It’s just that after working without the graphics card, the desktop icons will be displayed very large, this is okay, because we disable the graphics card just to check if some problems are caused by the graphics card.

Generally speaking, problems like the inability to export STPIGSDWGDXF will be solved immediately after disabling the graphics card, and UG can export the file data. If you disable it and solve your problem, you can confirm that this is the problem caused by the graphics card. You can further solve the problem by either replacing the graphics card, or upgrading the graphics card driver, or uninstalling the current graphics card driver and reinstalling an older version Graphics driver, of course, the latter two are the most practical. For how to update or downgrade the graphics card driver version, you can search the Internet and use some professional computer driver update tools to complete.

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