The analysis about the features of silicone products

The basic structure of silicone products are Silicone- oxygen chain .Side chain is connections by Siliciumatom and other organic group . This special compose and molecular structure makes silicone have the functions of organic compound and inorganic compound .
The outstanding features of silicone products are :
1.Weather fastness : the heat stability ,radiation resistance and weather fastness of silicone products are more stronger than Other polymer materials . Service life of can be up to several decades in the natural environment .
2.High low temperature : temperature range from -40 to 230 centigrade . Chemical properties and physical properties is steady .
3.Physiological inert :silicone is durable ,no rejection reaction with body and good chemical stability.
4.Electrical insulation performance : the electrical insulation performance of silicone products is good . Dielectric loss ,withstand voltage ,Corona resistance ,volume resistivity and Silicone surface resistivity of silicone product are come out top in electrical insulating material .
Silicone products is widely use in aviation, electronics, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, electrical appliances, medical .


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