The characteristics and advantages of laser processing technology

The characteristics and advantages of laser processing technology
Laser itself belongs to the high brightness and direction accurately and monochromaticity and parallelism of the laser beam of coherent light source, and very high energy density. When the laser beam can be focused on the materials irradiated by high temperatures. In the presence of tens of thousands of degrees hot, no matter how hard material will instantly melt and evaporation, producing shock waves, melting the material removed. In laser materials processing process, essentially local heating melt formation of vaporized material.
Laser processing technology can be processed using traditional methods difficult parts. For large box of steel, for example, need to be processed many holes of different sizes, which is the traditional method of processing cannot be done, and laser processing technology to achieve these requirements, even when processing the same parts, laser processing technology with high accuracy and short a little bit, so that products with strong market competitiveness.
Laser process in a two-dimensional plane, with strong flexibility when using laser cutting machine, workpiece cutting machine cutting head in a move State without processing dead, processed material utilization is increased, you can also save the connection of equipment, laser processing equipment cleaner. Computer control system of overall control of laser processing equipment, no separate control parts, mold design and processing route is set, it can be processed. Laser processing technology of technological processes of preparation time can be significantly reduced. Laser processing equipment, processing speed and shorten the processing time, improve production efficiency.Previous: Laser sheet metal processingNext: Laser processing technology of sheet metal workshop

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