The equipment composition and working principle of the steam engine oil system


Through the debugging of 4 units, it is found that the equipment composition, working principle and working method of the steam engine oil system have their own unique features, which are worth learning and learning from domestic manufacturers. System introduction The turbine oil system is mainly composed of main oil pump, AC oil pump, DC oil pump, oil cooler, oil filter, exhaust fan, main oil tank and other equipment. The oil circuit is divided into power oil, control oil and lubricating oil. The oil quality of each oil circuit adopts No. 32 turbine oil in the main oil tank. . The main oil pump driven by the main shaft of the steam turbine is located in front of the nose. During normal operation of the unit, the outlet oil pipeline of the main oil pump supplies oil to the lubrication and regulation systems respectively. There are 2 oil coolers, one for operation and one for standby, which can be switched online through a three-way valve. The function of the oil cooler is to maintain the normal oil temperature when the unit is running. The oil filter can realize half-side operation, online switching and online cleaning through the switching valve. The function of the oil filter is to ensure the cleanness of the oil in the system. The system is equipped with an oil pressure adjusting device, which can adjust the power oil pressure, lubricating oil pressure and control oil pressure. The system is also equipped with a low oil pressure test device, which interlocks to start the AC and DC oil pumps when the oil pressure of the lubricating oil system is low. The design features of Northeast Electric Power’s technical system are small in number of equipment and relatively simple in composition. The Austrian 12MW turbine oil system has a small number of equipment, which will inevitably reduce the investment and operating costs of the unit, and also reduce the amount of equipment maintenance by production operators. .

In addition to the main oil pump, AC lubricating oil pump, DC accident oil pump, cranking device, oil cooler, oil filter, exhaust fan, main oil tank and other equipment, the domestically-made 12MW unit turbine oil system also includes a high-pressure start oil pump and 2 injection pumps. Oiler. Due to the increase in the number of system equipment, the following shortcomings are bound to exist: the number of equipment components is large, resulting in a large amount of equipment maintenance and increased capital investment costs; due to the high-pressure start oil pump and two injectors are generally installed inside the fuel tank, and the system A certain oil level is required during operation, which requires an increase in the volume of the oil tank to meet the requirements of system operation, which will inevitably lead to an increase in operating investment costs.

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