The Policy Of Train Parts Casting

Railway accessories "Eleventh Five-Year" period the Ministry of Railways will vigorously develop electric traction locomotives, electric locomotives will bear the proportion of transport workload of more than 80%, and to achieve the localization of AC drive locomotives. Supporting the development of 200 km per hour to adapt to the electric locomotive, vigorously develop the axis of 25 tons of heavy cargo freight locomotive. 2010 locomotive ownership will reach about 19,000 units. Railway accessories in the development of the speed of 200 km and above the key technology on the basis of the group, combined with a small number of EMU introduction, as soon as possible to achieve 200 km per hour and above the EMU localization, and actively promote the speed of 300 km and above EMU key technology development , Development, the end of the formation of high-speed EMU manufacturing, maintenance, operation of domestic supporting capacity. 2010 EMU configuration to reach 1,000 or so.

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