The process analysis of CNC machining

In the field of metal fabrication,many companies have numerical control machine.The numerical control machine is a kind of manufacturing machine which is high technical and high automatic.It’s a mechanical and electronical integration manufacturing machine.CNC lathe is one kind of numerical control machine which is widely used.cnc machining is a revolution of traditional machining process. When CNC turning,the basic standard selection and positioning error are two important parameters which should be considered.Our engineer will use coordinate method which can used to control the precision to establish the shape and dimension for each section.And the servo system also have high precision which can easily ensure the dimension tolerance and form and location tolerance.Therefore,we can control the tolerance of workpiece well even if the datum is misaligned or not uniform.Positioning error includes datum misaligned error and datum error.When using clamp for mass production,the effect of datum error is very obviously.But for CNC machining,there are not too many clamps need to be used.And we will checking toolings before machining.It’s always setting toolings directly according to the surface of workpiece.We don’t need to re-clamp or change the clamp many when machining,so the effect of clamp is very small when CNC machining.The positioning error will not effect too much when CNC machining.It’s one advantage for CNC machining. Hope this can help you know better of CNC machining.Lemo have experienced engineers who can help you know better of this machining process.If you have precision components need to produce,please send drawings to [email protected] for quotation.You can also visit our website for more information.
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