The surface treatment of Aluminum machined components

The material Aluminium is used more and more in cnc machining.The surface treatment for machined aluminium components is always doing oxidizing treatment.There are always two kinds of oxidizing treatment for aluminium parts: anodizing and conductive oxidizing(chemical conversion coating). According to our production experience,Lemo sort out some difference between anodizing and conductive oxidizing.1. Anodizing is done using high voltage, its a electrochemistry reaction.But conductive oxidizing don’t need get through electricity but only need to soak into the chemical liquid. Its a pure chemistry reaction.2. Anodizing need much longer time than conductive oxidizing. Anodizing need several minutes but conductive oxidizing need only several seconds.3. The film for anodizing is always several to dozens of um,and its hard and abrasion resistant.But the film for conductive oxidizing is only 0.01-0.15um.The abrasion resistant is not very good.But it can both electric conduct and also almosphere corrosion resistance.4. The oxidation film is not electric conductive,but the film for conductive oxidizing is really too thin,so it’s electric conductive.There are other surface treatment for aluminium components such as painting and coating.If you have any aluminium components need to OEM Processing ,please send your drawings to [email protected]We can produce your components by CNC machining, CNC milling,CNC turning,die casting and extrusion.Please visit our website for more information.
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