There are many inconveniences when interchangeable base oils produced according to domestic specifications


The current corporate standards of China’s base oils can also be considered in line with API standards. Speaking of the integration of these two standards, we can take a look at the differences between the two standards. Take the domestic *commonly used HVI and API family I as an example. These two standards overlap in part, such as the privacy index, but HVI is not saturated. Hydrocarbon content and sulfur content are reported values. It is these differences that make it inconvenient to exchange base oils produced according to domestic specifications: many companies have spent a lot of manpower and financial resources to develop additive formulas for their base oils that cannot be used in other base oils; or The base oil has changed due to various reasons, and its original formula cannot be used; or foreign additives cannot be used at will.

The domestic lubricant industry also has a lot of experience similar to base oil interchange, but these experiences have not risen to the widely accepted and complied rules of the industry like API’s base oil classification and interchange. In fact, these API rules themselves are the experience summary of a large number of test data with the participation of lubricant manufacturers and additive companies.

China’s current national standards mainly refer to the specifications of the American API, and the classification and exchange of base oils can refer to the current API rules. Of course, the API classification of base oils is only classified by three * main indicators such as privacy index, etc. These indicators cannot cover all the performance of the base oil, so according to the base oil interchange rules, some oils are in the same family Perform base oil interchange.

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