What are the conditions for the clamping device used for precision CNC machining ?

Precision cnc machining parts processing is improving faster and faster. It shows that the range of applications is now more and more widely used, The precision CNC machining parts processing is very high, because good precision CNC parts are processed in quality. Occasionally, the overall processing equipment is very perfect, and now the perfect precision parts processing conditions are also the effect that many manufacturers want. Now the performance of precision parts processing is very stable and complete.
In the process of precision CNC machining parts processing, in addition to the main processing equipment, there will certainly be some auxiliary equipment, and the fixture device is indispensable. In order to meet the preconditions of precision parts processing, the fixtures used must also have some basic requirements.
First of all, the fixture device for precision part machining must have proper clamping force. The so-called proper means is to ensure that the position of the workpiece is stable and the vibration is small during the whole process, and the workpiece is not excessively large. Clamping deformation. Secondly, its craftsmanship must be good, in order to better match the processing of precision parts. The complexity of the clamping device should be adapted to the production program. Under the premise of ensuring production efficiency, the structural stress should be simple and easy to manufacture and maintain.
There is also good usability. The operation of the clamping device used in the machining of precision parts should be convenient, safe and labor-saving, and provide a stable foundation for the completion of the entire machining process. Referring to the above requirements, most of the currently used clamping mechanisms are a combination of wedge, spiral, eccentric and other components. The precision part processing clamping device adopts a wedge as a force transmitting component or a clamping component. When the wedge is directly clamped, the angle of the wedge wedge is smaller than the angle between the wedge and the workpiece, the wedge and the clamp. Self-locking occurs when the sum of the friction angles is reached.
In order to ensure reliable self-locking, the wedge of the clamping device is driven by pneumatic or hydraulic device; at the same time, the design is also in accordance with the characteristics of simple structure, large force ratio and good self-locking performance, so it is obtained during the processing of precision parts. widely used.
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