what are the effects of silicone rubber products on virus prevention

what are the effects of silicone rubber products on virus prevention



During the outbreak of COVID-19, we have seriously threatened every side. All of our tools and materials that can prevent and control viruses have become weapons of this battle. At present, all materials and appliances in China are already important products, and organic silicon materials are of no use in life, and naturally they can also take certain preventive and control functions during epidemic prevention. In the battle against the epidemic situation, it is necessary to use all kinds of epidemic prevention supplies, including masks, medical breathing masks, goggles, etc. the materials used to manufacture these anti epidemic products include non-woven fabrics, Plastic PVC, TPE, silicone rubber, etc.


Silicone rubber products include high-temperature silicone rubber and room temperature silicone rubber. The high-temperature silicone rubber has excellent biocompatibility, odorless and non-toxic, high-temperature resistance and disinfection, good tear strength, good liquidity and easy processing.


It is widely used in these epidemic prevention products. So what are the functions of silica gel materials?




Masks are the main necessities. At present, masks are divided into several levels. Among them, silicone masks are mainly made of high-temperature silicone rubber into nose clips and wrapped in non-woven materials, or directly integrated into a sealing ring with non-woven fabrics and plastic PVC on the outer layer, or directly made into a mask that can replace the filter box, and also can be made into a mouth mask. Its good sealing, extensibility and processing performance can make the shape of the mask fit the human face easily, which is suitable for various face types, and can effectively isolate the saliva pollution from droplets; the filter box is directly fixed to the sealed silicone mask, so as to reduce the replacement of accessories and simplify the maintenance work; the silicone rubber has good resilience and soft touch, It can also reduce the discomfort caused by wearing masks.



Silicone materials in respiratory equipment should not be underestimated. At present, medical grade silica gel products belong to one of the essential materials in the medical industry, and the biggest effect lies in the patients who have been diagnosed with severe illness. Their treatment can not be separated from breathing Auxiliary equipment, such as nose pillow, etc., so the silicone mask is an essential prevention and control tool in the disaster area. Naturally, the material can not be lower than the medical level testing and certification standard. In addition to medical equipment, silicone material is used as a variety of necessary accessories such as tube, stomach tube, catheterizer tube, etc., which are all made of medical grade silicone rubber.



Due to the wide spread of the virus, and the main transmission routes are from the mouth, nose and eyes, so protective glasses have become a necessity. At present, liquid high transparent silicone goggles also play a protective role during the anti epidemic period, and its main function is to protect the eyes. The material sheet is transparent and can be seen clearly, so it is not easy to produce strangulation and sealing effect It can also meet the requirements, effectively protect the wearer, isolate the virus and prevent the saliva splash virus from pouring into the eyes. And the goggles can be used repeatedly.

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