What are the faults of the servo hydraulic press in operation?

Servo Hydraulic Press: Analysis of common overload failures:

Servo hydraulic electro-hydraulic servo control system overload is one of the most common faults. Overload may cause the system to malfunction or damage the test piece and directly affect the safety and reliability of our system. Therefore, the overload hydraulic protection is the most commonly used failure protection device, generally using an overflow valve to limit the maximum pressure of the hydraulic cylinder load chamber.

The common overload faults of servo hydraulic press include:

1, cavitation

The influence of cavitation in the hydraulic system of a servo hydraulic press on the working quality of the system has attracted people’s attention. In the servo control system, the cavitation induced by the control load is easily overlooked, but this kind of cavitation is often more serious. For example: the large inertia servo loading system requires that when the servo valve returns to the zero position or the commutation control, and the hydraulic cylinder piston cannot stop the commutation immediately due to the inertial load, one cavity generates an instantaneous overload, and the other cavity is negative. Pressure produces gas six. In addition, in the servo control system where the load is randomly changed, the airflow disturbance and wave impact that occur in the control of the ship’s rudder surface may also cause the liquid and cylinder load chambers to be emptied and cause cavitation. This kind of cavitation in the system damages the surface quality of the cylinder bore and piston, as well as the sharp edges of the precision valve pair of the servo valve.

2, closed-loop control failure

In the closed-loop control system, once the feedback loop fails, it becomes an open-loop control. In this case, overload will occur; the feedback signal is connected reversely or the command signal is too large, which will also cause the system to overload. These two situations are easy to occur during system debugging.

3, the servo valve fails

Servo valve failure is often encountered in the servo system, especially in the system debugging and initial operation stage, which is caused by system pollution. Failure of the servo valve will cause the loading system to overload. Therefore, the servo system takes some anti-pollution measures before use. For example, the servo valve is replaced with a flushing cover. The hydraulic oil must be circulated for a certain period of time and a high-precision filter must be installed in the circuit. After flushing, start debugging and operation.

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