What are the Outstanding Advantages of Galvanized Steel Sheets as Building Materials?

1. Conducive to environmental protection

Galvanized steel sheets can be 100% recycled by re-melting without decomposing and emitting harmful substances, so they do not pollute the 

environment, while other metals are exposed to pollutants, which are eroded or corroded, leaking metal ions and entering groundwater. , bringing environmental 


2. Long service life

Aluminized galvanized steel sheets have excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The corrosion rate is about 1 year and 1 micron. It can be used for an 

average of 70 to 100 years depending on the environment, which indicates that it is permanent with the life of the building.

3. Excellent color and texture

The natural light gray zinc-aluminum plate has a special luster, which is completely different from the artificially painted color, showing an excellent natural texture.

 Moreover, from the completion of the renovation until after several years of use, the aesthetic appearance of the exterior of the building can be maintained. In 

addition, galvanized steel sheets are naturally compatible with other building exterior materials (such as marble, masonry, glass exterior, etc.).

4. Easy maintenance management

The galvanized sheet has a long life and low maintenance. Zinc plates have no surface coating and will not repair like other materials as the coating peels off over 

time. In fact, both aluminum and zinc can form a passivation protective layer in situ in the air, which has a self-repairing function for surface flaws and scratches.

Shanghai Metal Corporation produce high quality galvanized steel plate. It is composed of aluminum-zinc alloy covering on the surface of steel plate, which is composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon solidified at 600 °C. 

The whole structure is composed of aluminum-iron-silicon-zinc, forming dense quaternary crystal. An alloy coated steel sheet. Aluminized galvanized steel sheets 

are widely used in roofs, side walls, electrical cabinets, agricultural, vending machines, home appliances, automobiles, color coated substrates, etc.

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